Simulated Medicine’s Digital Patient Simulation (DPS) software represents a revolutionary approach to the education and training of medical practitioners, and the marketing and development of medical devices.Arrow

Users can explore, visualize and perform Virtual Procedures on a Digital Patient, an accurate computer-based model, without the need for expensive bespoke simulation hardware.

Sales & Marketing

  • Provide remote demonstrations of your products to medical professionals
  • Replace PowerPoint presentations with a live procedure
  • Differentiate your products in a competitive market
  • Bring digital simulation tools to market as a new source of revenue

Training & Education

  • Unparalleled anatomical viewing freedom using stunning 3D graphics
  • Perform virtual training scenarios on your computer any time, any place
  • Work collaboratively with other users over the internet
  • Receive real-time training from the advanced Artificial Intelligence “Virtual Attending”

Research & Development

  • Model a new product far more cheaply and quickly than using a traditional approach
  • Quickly iterate new modifications and ideas from design to reality
  • Gain greater understanding of patient anatomy’s 3D geometry
  • Develop training animations and material using the simulator